Paul Giltinan is the first to bring this ancient Japanese healing art to Cork, he is the consummate professional. Amatsu is a modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese hands-on therapy that can be administered to most musculo-skeletal problems, treatment and suitable for all ages.


This treatment combines therapeutic attributes such as Kinesiology, which gives the practitoner as effective indication of weakness in the body. Craniosacral therapy, cranial osteopath, acupressure, neuromuscular re-pattering.

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I am a registered member of the AAI (Amatsu Association of Ireland)

The goals of Amatsu Therapy are to influence the internal organs, maintain balanced physical and psychological functioning of the body, reduce various ailments and help with realigning of the physical structure.

Amatsu is a modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese hands-on therapy.


Restoring full function as soon as possible, Improving your flexibility and coordination.
Eases tension on tight and tired muscles
Improve range of movement, Gentle soft tissue massage to promote healing
Reduced pain
Complete body realignment
Eliminate bad habits that cultivate bad postures
Helps increase the range of movement in the shoulder joint
Massage to relieve stress and tension in the muscles


Amatsu treats the underlying cause of the problem, not just the symptoms